Best of Nakskov

Tourism is what you see it and what you want it to be, so if someone tries to make decisions for you that aren't what you want, you should say no immediately. But a much better way to experience a new place is to be a traveler there, not a tourist. Try to make the place your own, stay a little longer and don't photograph everything you see. If you go out, visit the local cafes or a hidden restaurant that is meant only for the locals, you will soon see how much better it can get. Don't take time to seriously, go where you want and when you want, don't count the days that you have left and don't make any appointments, just throw your schedule away. But be careful, you might get caught up in such a lifestyle and don't want to go back.


What to see and where to go

When deciding on the traveling locations many people first visit Paris, London, New York and some even Tokyo, but the real gems are hidden. Denmark is, for example, a wonderful place, full of culture, interesting customs and a long tradition. That is where you should rest and get your batteries ready for another working year.

Copenhagen is, for sure, the most beautiful and incredible city in the country, but you should visit a smaller one like Nakskov. Its population counts only 12 thousand people, even though the city is quite large. This is the coast cultural center of the country, with a few museums worth seeing and parks that will make you feel reborn. There is just something about the northern Europe countries like Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland that makes you calmer and more appreciative of everything you have. The food in Nakskov is also interesting; it is based on food dishes and healthy bread and soups. At the end it is a wonderful traveling destination that only a few tourists will ever visit.