Living in coastal areas


You will hear people say 'there is nothing harder but better than a life on the coast, but make sure not to live between the sea and the coast'. To really get what that means and understand what it is like living in coastal areas, you need to do it at least once. What about going on your next vacation to a place like Nakskov and experiencing their coast cultural center. This may be the first time for you going somewhere and being a traveler and not a tourist. Therefore prepare yourself for the best experience you ever had during your vacation and don't bring a camera, your memories will do.

Movies can help you understand

It is normal that not everyone is made for everything; some people love to live in the city, be a part of the crowd and have snow around them during the whole year. At the same time others enjoy sun, want to be on the beach their whole life and just lay around, alone and feel the scent of the ocean. Because of that, just to make sure you would like it, you should watch at least one movie that shows how it is, in a realistic way. One of the biggest painters in Great Britain is known as Mr. Turner and there is a movie about his life that portraits exactly what it looks like and actually is to live in the coastal area.


In case you really want to move and become a part of these new surroundings, then you should know that there are people always coming a going. It is just that places like Nakskov are trading centers for their region, since they have harbors and everything what it takes for ships to arrive. The climate, however, can vary and be Mediterranean, but also cold, foggy and rainy. Make your own research and decide, in each case it will be an incredible experience and a thing to look back at once you get old.